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The 12 worst things that could happen to marketers in 2013

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Worst thing No. 9: A downturn in marketing spend

Pauline Malcolm, head of sales for StyleHaul, says that if the economy takes a turn for the worse in 2013, brands might pull back on marketing spend. She says, instead, if we experience a downturn, it will be an important time to continue to spend in order to maintain and gain valuable market share.

Before joining Stylehaul in 2012, Pauline Malcolm was director of national advertising sales at Condé Nast Business Group, Digital. In this position, she managed annual advertising revenues in excess of $17 million and oversaw a team of 16 senior sales executives and sales support specialists. Previously, she served as senior regional sales manager at MySpace, where she developed revenue-generating partnerships with key consumer packaged goods brands such as Kraft Foods.