10 resolutions marketers must make for 2013

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Resolution 1: I will stop guessing with regard to marketing attribution.

As with most resolutions, adhering to this one requires that we first recognize that we have a problem. And we do. We tout our industry and the incredible opportunity to harness data around every consumer we touch. We tell clients, "This is all measurable." And it is.

But then we don't measure it. Or, if we do, we don't leverage the data we gather to create a complete picture of the customer journey. There are gaps and missed opportunities. We can do better.

Sure, all this talk around "big data" is daunting. But you don't have to climb Everest the first time you ever put on a pair of hiking boots. Start small. Look at your campaign goals, think about the information you need to track success, and then consider how to use information to make your marketing efforts better. Lay out a roadmap for incremental success and build a list of the tools you need to reach your goals. Then get moving.

Resolution 2: I will stop treating social media like a red-headed stepchild.

Social media is so pervasive these days that it's almost silly that we even still think of it as a "channel." It's everywhere. It's not just Facebook and Twitter. It touches everything we do, from TV ads to transactional emails. So why are we still just throwing budget scraps to the social media team?

The tide is turning. Everybody knows it. And thankfully, we digital folks are on the right side. Nevertheless, social media is still treated as a supplementary add-on. Stop thinking that way. Instead, start integrating social channels directly into your overall marketing strategy. In other words, social media is not a "nice to have" anymore, so give it the same attention (and budget) that the industry once gave TV, radio, and print.