10 resolutions marketers must make for 2013

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Resolution 7: I will shift some of my TV budget to online video.

Online video is still a vastly under-tapped opportunity for brands. As such, the brands that move smartly now stand to reap huge benefits.

That said, it's not just about posting your commercials to YouTube. (You should do that too. Better yet, launch them online first to build some buzz.) But you have to be smarter than that. Take a sliver of that massive TV budget and allocate some resources to developing some web-only content. And more importantly, dedicate another sliver of that budget to seeding and promoting that content. After all, it's not just about creating something that people want to watch. It's about helping them find it as well.

Resolution 8: I will make new friends among bloggers.

Blogger outreach is a staple for all kinds of digital campaigns. Entire agencies have been built upon the idea. So why do we continue to not do it for ourselves? Here's my theory: When you're doing the actual work of establishing relationships with bloggers, it feels a lot like you're just screwing around on the internet. You know, like checking your Facebook or sending out a tweet of your donut.

The truth is, the line that used to reside between "wasting time on the internet," as various department managers have been heard to say over the years, and doing "actual work" (department managers again) is pretty blurry these days. You just have to put in some time. Find a few blogs that you like and then write them emails that tell them how much you like their blogs. Seriously, that's it. It will make an impression. Then later, reach out again if you need something from them -- but only if you have something to offer in return. Eventually, over the course of a few emails, you'll establish a rapport, and in many cases the rapport will be permanent. These are extremely valuable relationships that are definitely worth the time to create. So get out there and starting screwing around on the internet.