Bob Garfield

4 tips for turning data into a killer campaign

Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of data available. Instead follow these simple tips for uncovering the most important insights and putting them to work in strategies that truly matter.

"Big data" is a reality that leaves some digital marketers running for the hills. With so much raw information pouring into companies about marketing efforts, it can seem next-to-impossible to extract the analytics that really give us quality insights to be able to act quickly. Add into the mix the rise of advanced location targeting and real-time mobile interactivity, and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Never fear, iMedia is here. And so is Haren Ghosh, Symphony Advanced Media's chief analytics officer, to explain why you should look at your data with excitement, not dread. Join iMedia's Bethany Simpson as she speaks with Ghosh about the four best ways to sift through your raw data and find the insights that will help you build a killer strategy.

Conversation highlights

0:07 — Finding the right data stream
0:44 — How to extract what you need from your data
1:26 — Incorporating location into your analytics
2:15 — Where does mobile fit in?
2:59 — Data analytics modeling needs to mature
3:09 — Why a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work
3:48 — The worst thing marketers can do with data
Run time is 5:38.

Haren Ghosh is the chief analytics officer at Symphony AM. He leads the company's action strategies and media measurement solutions to help marketing and media executives maximize ROI. Prior to this role, he served in executive positions, including SVP and chief research officer, at Factor TG, where he excelled at devising analytical solutions to solve very complex marketing and media ROI measurement issues. In his tenure with Factor TG, Ghosh demonstrated a clear understanding of complex issues surrounding traditional and emerging media selection including various online and offline advertising effectiveness.