Bob Garfield

Why you're losing good people

Having the right talent in place is the only way you'll land and keep top projects and clients. Here are some tips.

With numerous awards and a great reputation, OMD is an agency to watch. Join iMedia's Bethany Simpson as she talks with Peter Matthews, OMD's group director of digital, on the ins and outs of attracting and maintaining great talent and a great client roster.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — OMD's reputation
0:20 — Programatic ad buying
0:45 — Attracting and maintaining talent
1:05 — Big agency vs. small agency
1:35 — Understanding the clogged digital space
2:20 — Retaining talent and managing clients
2:50 — Worst thing that could happen in 2013
Run time is 3:59

Peter Matthews is a digital marketing and media professional with over 18 years of experience building brands and driving acquisition. He is a seasoned analyst and negotiator with a broad range of category experience, including Consumer Healthcare, CPG, Finance, Retail, and Travel.