9 reasons your infographic stinks

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Low shareability factor

While it doesn't need to be apparent to the masses, the creator should absolutely have a goal in mind when creating an infographic. Who is it for? What is the purpose? Is it to serve as a promotional or branding piece? Or is it being created as content for boosting SEO?

Answering these questions will set the intention and make it simpler to choose a topic that is relevant to the audience being pursued. Consider where it will be published and who that audience is as well. Is it for a blog or a case study? Even if its primary service is as a printed piece, be sure to publish it online. If social plug-ins are installed, it's even more likely to be shared.

It wasn't made by a designer

It's all too simple these days to go DIY (do-it-yourself) on a project. There is a free or consumer level version of everything and countless tutorials. Unfortunately, this has allowed many to believe they are equipped to bypass hiring professionals for things like design, photography, and website development.