9 reasons your infographic stinks

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It only works as a print piece

Infographics definitely make great posters and direct mail pieces. When the design lives a digital life, size becomes a much greater issue, one that is too frequently ignored. There are a couple of main things to consider: where it will be published and how much content can be displayed at smaller sizes and remain readable.

If the infographic will be posted on a blog, it can be displayed either at full or partial size and employ a zoom feature for closer viewing. This works well if the main device used for reading blogs is a desktop or laptop monitor. If an infographic is embedded in an email, which is likely to be viewed with a mobile device, the content and design need to be stripped down further. Even if the viewer can zoom in, the display dimensions are quite small and no one wants to scroll and navigate all around a large or detailed image on a phone.

Infographics are clearly trending in the marketing world, so embrace the trend and take the opportunity to create work that will be noticed. Being mindful of the design process will help to maintain high-quality work with longevity so that it can be used to promote your work or services throughout the evolution of trends.

Infographic created by Oneupweb.

Lisa Wehr is CEO and founder of Oneupweb.

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"Stinky pile of poop" and "City info graphic" images via Shutterstock.