5 reasons you should quit your job

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No matter how many optimistic "Everything is going to be OK!" forecasts you read about digital marketing spends being on the rise, there's no denying that we are a recession-traumatized industry. Thus, you likely read this headline and instantly thought, "Quit my job?! Are you mad? I'm lucky to have a job these days!"

I'm not suggesting that the happily employed shouldn't be thankful. It's good to have steady income, health insurance, a 401(k), and access to a pot of coffee that you perhaps didn't brew yourself (jerk). Your job might be awesome, and if so, I'm happy for you.

5 reasons you should quit your job

But some of the people reading this article do not think their jobs are awesome. And most of you have probably, at some point, been at a job that was most assuredly lame. You're familiar with that creeping sense of realization that something has gone wrong -- and it eventually culminates in spending much of your work days battling an internal dialogue that keeps chanting, "I have got to get out of here. Seriously, dude. Just get up and walk out."

There are plenty of reasons that people don't like or are not a good fit for their jobs, and many of those reasons are the fault of the employee, not the employer. People take jobs they don't want, aren't qualified for, or don't feel passionate about. It happens. We need paychecks. But that's not what this article about. Rather, in this article, I'm talking about ways in which companies hold back or otherwise abuse their employees. And if your boss or company -- whether a brand, agency, or service provider -- is putting you in these positions, it's time to consider heading for the door.