5 reasons you should quit your job

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Your digital skill set is becoming stagnant or outdated

Even if you're hoping to stay in your current role until you retire or die, your company must be keeping pace with the digital marketing climate. And as such, your own skill set should be evolving and growing constantly. It's the only way to stay relevant -- and thus, employed -- in this industry.

If your company is not giving you the opportunity to learn new things, ask yourself why. Is it because the company has no plans to allow you to advance in the organization? Or is it because the company itself is not keeping up? Either way, it's a warning sign. You could be in trouble. And if you ignore this problem for too long, you're going to eventually find yourself out on the street with outdated skills -- either when your company folds or when your company lets you go. And at that point, it's really hard to get back up to speed and convince a new employer that you can be an asset.

If your company is holding back your evolution as a digital marketer, you need to consider getting out of there -- soon. That said, if it's your own laziness that's keeping you from exploring new skills, that's all on you. So be honest with yourself on this one.