5 reasons you should quit your job

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The company is not healthy -- or it's not telling

If your company is going under, you're obviously going to need to get out. It's rarely wise -- or noble -- to go down with the ship these days. But that said, sometimes it's hard to know the ship you're on is sinking until you're bobbing in a life preserver while the sharks circle. (And, you know the thing about a shark. He's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes -- like a doll's eyes.)

Your job might not involve looking at the company's financials. If it doesn't, you're probably glad it doesn't. But make no mistake: Whether you're a copywriting intern or the CFO, you need to have a handle on the health of the organization that you're working for. So if your company is not up front with at least some general financial information (specific is nice too), keep your eyes and ears open. Ask intelligent questions about the company's health and competition and see how your superiors respond. If suddenly benefits are being eliminated without explanation, or no one wants to discuss the bottom line, it's time to get worried.