5 tell-tale signs that your agency is lying to you

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Lying is a pretty big word and big deal if you ask me. Lying doesn't just mean telling falsehoods -- it also means being deceptive or withholding the truth. While the examples in this article may not be outright lies, they are examples of deceptive behaviors that are not in your brand's best interest. Marketers invest large budgets with agencies for a reason: Agencies tend to have more expertise and experience in digital marketing. Agency employees don't need to lie if they can provide the thought leadership that's expected of them.

If you suspect deception from your agency, ask directly for the facts. Ask your agency to show you the data that proves what you're doing is performing well. If representatives from your agency divert your request, it's likely they're not being entirely honest with you, and it's time to question their trustworthiness -- and the relationship.

Nicole Rawski is analytics manager of Digitaria.

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