Mobile Marketer's "Mobile Women to Watch" 2013

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Amy Vale

Vice president of global research and strategic communications
New York

"Brands and agencies need proof points to justify spending money in mobile."

What do you most like about your job?
I love the diversity of my role. My day-to-day activities can range from developing industry initiatives with our trade organizations, to brainstorming marketing ideas with my team, to delivering a presentation to a group of publishers or advertisers, to writing a policy for internal communications, to art directing a print ad, to researching the end-user perceptions of mobile advertising or developing strategies for clients. The variation in my role on any given day is what keeps me coming back for more.

What is the biggest challenge in your job?
I would say the speed in which the mobile industry evolves can be a challenge, simply from a planning and strategy perspective. However, in saying that, I also see that as a positive. Being nimble and responsive to change is just as important to me as having a strong strategy with which to go to market. The speed at which things evolve and change is exciting because the opportunity is almost unlimited.

What is your work priority for 2013?
Education. Brands and agencies need proof points to justify spending money in mobile. Unfortunately, unless they actually spend the money to get the results, it is going to be tricky for partners to supply that proof.

My efforts in 2013 will be focused on providing as much data as possible to fuel brand and agency spend from an end-user perspective, instead of simply from a campaign- related one.

I will also spend time helping brands and agencies connect the dots when it comes to layering mobile onto all of the other media channels they purchase, looking at how mobile can play an integral role in leveraging an online, TV or radio buy beyond the 720x90 leader board or 30-second spot.

What will it take to attract more women to mobile marketing?
I think more of the women who are currently in mobile could be more vocal about the work that they are doing. There are some incredibly smart women in this industry who are moving the space forward, many of whom I am very fortunate to work with on a day-to-day basis.

Joining mobile-focused groups, such as Women in Wireless, where you can voice opinions on the industry, or here in New York City by being a part of AWNY (Advertising Women of New York), and bringing mobile to the broader conversation is key. Starting a blog or tweeting about opinions in the industry is also important to attract more women to mobile marketing.

Your proudest achievement in mobile?
Being recognized as a Woman to Watch is a very proud mobile moment for me. Being recognized by my peers is something that continuously pushes me to do better work and always keep ahead of the curve.

Aside from that, I would say developing research programs and workshops for Mojiva that have helped many agencies, brands and publishers understand how a consumer views mobile advertising has been a big accomplishment.

I strongly believe that data and education is providing more clarity in mobile and why it is such an essential part of the marketing mix. I definitely wouldn't have been able to produce these types of programs without the support of my CEO, Dave Gwozdz, or the help of my team who come to work every day willing and able to move mountains in order to make these big ideas a reality.

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