6 tech trends you can ignore in 2013

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When iMedia asked me to reprise my "10 tech trends you can ignore in 2012" piece from last year, I balked at first, as doing so might require me to own up to my past bad predictions. That sort of backward-looking self scrutiny would never have allowed me to pursue a career in marketing -- or to get past the fact that as an adolescent, I owned not one but two airbrushed Garfield the Cat T-shirts and wore them in rapid rotation for an entire summer (unfondly remembered as The Summer of No Action Whatsoever).

6 tech trends you can ignore in 2013

Looking back at last year's column, I do feel a little sheepish that I sneered at the iPad 3's Retina display approximately six weeks before I got an iPad 3 and decided that its Retina display was the greatest thing ever. But bygones on that. The important thing is that I'm willing to learn from the past. Wait, no -- the important thing is that I'm willing to set the past aside so that I can take a fresh round of potshots this year.

Last year I coined the term "trendsploding" to describe the inverse of trendspotting that I'm about to throw down. Strangely, the term hasn't taken off -- not a peep about it from those etymological philistines at Urban Dictionary. So let's try this again.



Lydia Jasso
Lydia Jasso January 23, 2013 at 10:34 PM

This article is very well written, and I love the humor in it. Thanks for writing it!