Bob Garfield

Which industry giants won't survive this year?

All eyes are on Amazon, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, and other hot companies. Who will be king of the mountain at the end of the year? We asked an industry insider.

Things move fast in digital. Consider MySpace, Yahoo, AOL, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung -- all great companies, all in very different points of their life cycle. Which of this year's major players will still be at the top next year? And what trends will have the biggest impact? iMedia's Bethany Simpson spoke with SAP's SVP of marketing Julie Roehm.

Julie Roehm is SVP Marketing, "Chief Storyteller" at SAP. Formerly, as a Marketing Strategy Consultant she served companies in all industries, of all sizes. Her client list includes, Credit Suisse, Time Inc., BIAP, Acxiom, ad agencies, and others including multiple start ups in the technology and new media spaces.