10 industry buzzwords that need to die

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At first, it's just one here or there. But soon, whole flocks are worming their way across your messaging and campaigns.

"Data visualization doesn't sound so bad," you might find yourself saying. "What's the problem?" And then someone throws "enterprise data visualization to optimize the ripple effect and hyperconnectivity of your key influencers" into an article.

And that's the danger of letting industry buzzwords run rampant.

10 industry buzzwords that need to die

Here are 10 words or phrases that have been used once too often. They can be direly unhelpful, unrealistic, irritating, confusing, and vague. Could we all please cut back on using them?



FEDERICA FATALE March 27, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Internet and new media are profoundly changing the way we work, communicate, study and relate each others.
The "Language”, which, in any society, is the first and most important tool of communication is inevitably affected by these transformation.
Language is not something fixed, static and determined but it is and it must necessarily be flexible and dynamic.
In this regard, in my opinion, it is important to make a qualitative distinction: on one hand, there are the neologisms as "spam, bugs, avatar, pop-ups, tagging, banners, linking etc...” that are necessaries to explain and describe new scenarios, new activities and new professions typical of the "Mobile World". On the other hand, there are the so called "buzzwords” often used (or rather abused) in wrong way.
I believe that while we can do without many buzzwords , we can't , in no way, give up creating and using neologisms.....don't forget that we are the "Net generation"!!

Federica Fatale
Sales manager of Hieroglifs Translations

Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards January 30, 2013 at 2:35 PM

This article made me smile...and flinch all at the same time. Oh those buzzwords....

lou suSi
lou suSi January 24, 2013 at 9:37 AM

the one that gets me is 'apsolutely'

first of all, everyone mispronounces it — the bilabial voiced plosive almost always become the unvoiced and softer 'p' sound, right? listen in a close-up fashion and it'll start to annoy you, too — sort of like the word 'button' ( in which almost no one really pronounces the 2 ts at all — there's almost like a double silent syllable right in the middle of the word every time someone says 'button' — strange phenomenon )

second of all, everyone WAY overuses it — for instance:

Playa One: Are we gonna be able to get all of this extra work done within the same timeline we scoped for the original amount of work we promised the Sanchez account?
Playa Two: ( said with an annoying faux-zeal ) Apsolutely!

really? seriously? i mean, we know, we know, we know — on a daily basis the expectation is that you need to get that shit done, no matter what, even if the workload doubles, triples, zarduples, right? in some ways it actually all does need to 'absolutely' get done — BUT — really? REALLY?

the word 'apsolutely' also gets used for other, less seemingly important dialogic exchanges on a daily if not hourly basis

Playa Three: Jenn, you ready to get some lunch?
Playa Four: ( said with auto-corporate exuberant penchant ) APsSsolutely!

huh, these are somewhat bad examples because, in this case, Playa Four probably is 'absolutely' ready to go, right? but, what she meant to say is probably something more like 'Hell yeah, G — let's get the f@<& outta here — let's DO this shit!' ( or, more realistically — sans 'gangsta'-like interpretations — 'yes, let me just finish sending this email while you annoyingly linger and then we can go downstairs to the cafetorium and parake of some lunchly comestibles' — OR — 'yes' )

clinton kay
clinton kay January 24, 2013 at 1:38 AM

My personal pet hate is "Strategy" everyone seems to want to build, share or focus on the need for strategies, it is so oversued and often so wrongly used, often at best people really mean tactic(s) and not strategy, at times plain old simple planning would suffice, there is certainly no need to be strategising to the extent that people seem to think they do.

Catherine Hess
Catherine Hess January 23, 2013 at 3:43 PM

Pardon my red pencil, but I can't resist pointing out that mixed metaphors should die as well:

"But soon, whole flocks are worming their way across your messaging and campaigns." Maybe: Whole flocks are dive-bombing their way across your messaging and campaigns. Or: Whole nightcrawler farms are worming their way.... No doubt you can do better.

You are so right about buzzwords.

Eunice Coughlin
Eunice Coughlin January 23, 2013 at 2:46 PM

Meh. I don't use most of these words except for optimize. I disagree with the author. No, not everything is optimized. Some clients aren't implementing the methods you've suggested to make a web page or campaign better and the digital marketing (oops, another buzzword) world is constantly changing so yes, optimize stays. I've used it 4 different ways in this comment alone.