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Here's what Google plans to conquer next

Google's already moved mountains. So what's next on the company's to-do list? Here are the big changes that will directly affect your job as a marketer.

You can't talk about digital without mentioning Google. Google is the undisputed king of the web in several areas. So where does the company go from here? What's the next challenge that Google plans to take on? You might be surprised that its sights are set on something that will have a direct impact on your job as a digital marketer -- learning about it might make or break your marketing plans for 2013.

In this interview, Tara Walpert Levy, Google's managing director of ads marketing, discusses how company culture has helped make Google an industry leader. Levy also discusses the next mountain Google plans to climb, and how it will make 2013 the year that web works for marketers.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — How Google helps marketers
1:00 — A palpable level of innovation
1:40 — Blend of creativity and technology
2:20 — Oh, the humanity
3:50 — Google looks ahead to...
4:45 — On board with mobile advertisers
5:40 — Moments that matter for Google
Run time is 6:31

Tara Walpert Levy is the managing director of ads marketing at Google, where she leads the global marketing team focused on large advertisers and agencies.  She is also responsible for advertiser communications and market development for YouTube worldwide.