5 brave ads that rocked the boat

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5 brave ads that rocked the boat

Bravery comes in many forms. Being brave could mean trying something new, standing up for a belief, or challenging the status quo -- it all comes down to defying fear. And advertisements have a lot of critics, so it can be tough out there for creatives who strive to act fearlessly.

The truth is, being too brave could be a huge mistake, and smaller brands might be better off playing it safe. There is always a risk of getting your brand into trouble. There's no guarantee you're going to win out.

You might offend the wrong people, or your audience might simply not get it. And if your brand is pushing out unoriginal shock advertising or pulling stunts, it can come off as cheap. So if you're going the fearless route, be wise, be clever, and stand out from the crowd.

If you want to get noticed, take everything you know should go into a great ad, toss it aside, and just do something else. Remember the fist Mac vs. PC ad? It features two men on a white background -- talking. The product is not even shown. But with humor, intelligence, and courage, the ad succeeds. In fact, it was named Adweek's best campaign of the last decade.

Here are five more ads that showed some serious moxie.



Anne Smith
Anne Smith January 29, 2013 at 1:41 PM

Thanks for the collection! That Tipex ad is great.