5 signs your brand is becoming uncool

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Everybody wants to be cool. Even the geeks who have embraced their geekiness these days have done so because, frankly, that's cool. (Thanks "Big Bang Theory.") And this goes for brands too.

Coolness comes in all forms these days. As a brand, you don't have to be the jock (Red Bull) or the prom queen (Coach hand bags). No matter your category, you can be cool if your core customers think you're cool. (That includes you, CPG brands.) Coolness is an attitude. But it's an attitude that must be established and maintained.

If you're fortunate enough to have some people out there who think your brand is cool, be happy. But don't get lazy. Coolness does not maintain itself. Here are the signs that your cool factor is on the decline -- and some ways to counteract the lameness.