5 signs your brand is becoming uncool

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People are looking for your brand on a new platform, and you aren't there

Being a "cool" brand means knowing what your target audience thinks is cool and embracing those trends as they come to pass. Today, that means staying abreast of the social platforms that those people are on -- especially when they expect to be able to engage with their favorite brands on those platforms.

There are examples of brands that failed to get on the bandwagon at the right time with every new social platform, but the latest and most obvious example is Pinterest. This visual platform's user base skews heavily female, and as such, it has become a playground for health and beauty, culinary, fashion, and jewelry brands. As such, the big names in these areas need to be present by pinning and sharing the content and styles that they find cool.

With that in mind, Tiffany & Co. is missing out in a big way. It is still among a shrinking list of obvious pinnable brands that just isn't on the platform in a meaningful way yet. Yet few things are as ogle-worthy as Tiffany & Co.'s painfully luxurious products. Hell, the brand already has nearly 5,000 followers on Pinterest, despite having never pinned a single dang thing. People want the brand to be there. It just isn't.

How to make it cool again
Duh. Be there. Even if you need to start slowly, figure out a way to do it. You don't have to be the No. 1 brand in your category on the platform. But if people are looking for you there, they need to be able to find you. Otherwise, you're insulting your target audience -- and that's totally uncool.

Drew Hubbard is a social media strategist and owner of LA Foodie.

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