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How to get a promotion this year

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Are you destined to be stuck in the same position forever? Not if you follow the advice of these executives from BMW, Capital One, General Mills, Macy's, Fox Sports, and more.

Promotion tip 1: Share knowledge across your network

General Mills' director of interactive marketing says that your chances for a promotion will hinge on whether you are viewed as a thought leader, change agent, and teacher within your network. You will also need to be able to clearly communicate how technology affects your brand and what works best.

Jim Cuene joined General Mills in 2006. Prior to that, he was vice president for interactive strategy at Ameriprise Financial, which was spun off from American Express. At Ameriprise, he led the planning for consumer retention, digital channel optimization strategy, and data and metrics strategy. He joined American Express in 2004, from Ciceron Interactive, where he was president. Cuene graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Entrepreneurship. He has an M.A. from Purdue University.