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How to get a promotion this year

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Promotion tip 3: Manage projects cradle to grave

Julie Bernard, Macy's GVP of customer centricity, marketing, and advertising, says that in addition to hard work, your value will be judged on how well you can bring a project from inception to completion. She also says that you should never lose sight of the fact that delivering real results is the key to showing actual value at your company. Let your accomplishments be a bridge to the next project. You need to continuously improve at your job to get that promotion.

Julie M. Bernard was appointed group vice president, customer centricity and database marketing in February 2009. She joined Macy's Marketing in December 2007 as group vice president, media and customer analytics after spending two years at XRoads Solutions Group, a boutique consultancy based in New York. Previously, she was senior vice president, business process design, retail systems and vendor relations at Saks Fifth Avenue Enterprises in New York.