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How to get a promotion this year

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Promotion tip 5: Don't hog the credit

It's tempting to assume that you will be recognized by how much you personally accomplish, but Bob Thacker, veteran marketer and former CMO of OfficeMax, Target, and Sears, says you will crash and burn if you try to hog all the credit. He says that building alliances, creating partnerships, and forming synergies are more important to a company than personal achievements. You will only succeed if you don't obsess over (or be maniacal about) your personal ambitions.

Bob Thacker is executive director of Adopt-A-Classroom, a non-profit organization focused on raising monies to provide much needed supplies for our nation's classrooms. Prior to joining Adopt-A-Classroom, Bob was Sr. vice president, marketing at OfficeMax. Joining OfficeMax in late 2005, he brought a strong background in marketing and brand development. In his leadership role, Bob led the company's brand positioning and all customer marketing interactions.