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How to get a promotion this year

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Promotion tip 6: Learn to say "no" to bad projects

Should you jump at every bold opportunity that comes your way? Some would say "yes," but HookLogic's VP of search media, Steve Elson, says that you should be cautious when confronted with a new project that might not have the backing to support success. If you are presented with a project that is not getting the right budget, resources, or attention, your willingness to say "no" might be your greatest asset.

Steve Elson is the vice president of search media at HookLogic. HookLogic powers e-commerce media, a revolutionary way for brands and shoppers to connect in and around the e-commerce environment. For retailers, HookLogic drives a new, high-profit, media-based revenue stream. For marketers, HookLogic creates unprecedented opportunities to influence in-market shoppers at key decision points.