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How to get a promotion this year

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Promotion tip 7: Embrace social, local, and mobile

In this one-two punch of great advice, Cordell Lawrence of Jack Daniel's and Tom Troja of Social Symphony lay down the rules of what will drive (or put the brakes on) your promotion this year. Networking, clear communication, and your ability to embrace SoLoMo in 2013 will all heavily influence your upward mobility in your company.

Cordell Lawrence is the global community manger for Jack Daniel's Family of Brands (Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, Gentleman Jack, and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel). In this role he has led the explosive growth of Jack Daniel's into the top brand page on Facebook in the Spirits/Wine category. Lawrence joined Brown-Forman from Doe-Anderson, where he was an account manager, responsible for guiding communications initiatives as well as managing marketing, advertising, and brand campaigns.

Tom Troja is the founder of the Social Symphony where he developed SOCIAL ARCHETYPING™ to create meaningful conversations with people. Tom is leading this effort at Jack Daniel's where he helps manage the day-to-day conversation with Jack Daniel's friends in facebook.