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How to get a promotion this year

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Promotion tip 9: Repeatable, reliable results

Real results lead to real rewards. Rocket Fuel CMO Eric Porres says it's really that simple. According to him, if you can demonstrate repeatable and reliable results, you will prove to your company that you are a dependable project manager and deserve to be handed bigger undertakings within the company. If you can prove again and again that you can be thrown in the deep end and swim to success, your promotion is inevitable.

Eric Porres provides oversight for marketing operations and heads up Rocket Fuel's research center of excellence for digital consumer insight. Prior to joining Rocket Fuel, Eric co-founded Underscore Marketing, a full-service digital marketing and strategy agency, and helped expand the company internationally. He also co-founded Pericles Consulting, a "pop-up" strategic political marketing firm that developed and executed digital-marketing programs for presidential and senatorial campaigns.