5 ways we're still botching mobile

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Mobile's potential value for advertisers is unlimited. The channel not only enables brands to get a tailor-made message to target consumers, but it can also enhance that message with brilliant creative, when done right.

"Great creative can and should take center stage again with the onset of mobile," says James Lamberti, VP and general manager of AdTruth. "This is a highly personal device, capable of delivering imaginative new creative experiences, that is fundamentally a 'lean back' relaxed consumer experience as opposed to desktop, which is really functionally oriented."

5 ways we're still botching mobile

Michael Weaver, vice president of mobile advertising at Phluant Mobile, emphasized the targeting opportunities inherent to mobile. "The cool thing about mobile is that you can put the right content on the right phone during the right time of day," he says. "You can serve a different ad for someone on an iPhone in Seattle when it's raining than to someone on a Blackberry in Texas."

Despite the undeniable potential of mobile, the industry is still working out the kinks of ad serving on phones and tablets. From irritating interstitials to ads that malfunction on your device, mobile advertising simply isn't living up to its potential.

So why is it that we're still seeing so many mobile ad fails? We talked to several experts about some of the biggest irritations in the space and how mobile advertising can and should be improved.