5 ways we're still botching mobile

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Irrelevant messages and unworthy interactions

As evidenced by the much-beleaguered QR code, if you're going to ask consumers to interact, you have to make it worth their while. That means taking them directly to an offer, not to your website. Your landing page might be beautiful, but mobile users have even shorter attention spans than those on the web. If you don't immediately reward them for clicking on your ad, you'll lose them.

"If you're using a clever initiative, you have to have good execution," says Jordan Greene, the head of the mobile advisory practice at Mella Media. Incorporating a nifty feature into your mobile ad is only half the battle -- it also has to work.

Greene gives a good example of what not to do: "A Nike ad invited me to come see the new Melo sneakers at a location on Broadway in Manhattan -- 0.2 miles from my location. However, I was over 25 miles away when that ad was served."

Coupons, free downloads (ones they want, that is), recipes, and short high-quality videos are just a few examples of potentially worthy rewards for people who interact with your message. Of course, all of these suggestions are moot if they are irrelevant to the consumer on whose device the ad is served. "One of my biggest frustrations," Greene says, "is when mobile advertisers don't use the data -- from the very simple to the very exotic -- to execute their ads."