5 ways we're still botching mobile

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Sending out an ad that doesn't work on your audience's devices

There are still leagues of mobile ads that aren't compatible with the devices and platforms they are intended to be served on. All ads don't have to work on every single platform, but your brand should have an idea of which devices and operating systems its target audiences are on and ensure that ads are compatible with them.

Ad execution errors in mobile are so common that Mella Media's Greene keeps a rapidly growing list of poorly implemented campaigns on his phone. "The classic example is getting an ad on my iPhone that's trying to entice me to buy an Android app," he says.

The likelihood of serving incompatible or inappropriate ads can be lessened by using technology to target by operating system and device, an increasingly common practice that Facebook recently made available for its mobile advertisers. In addition, brands can avoid many ad compatibility problems with extensive testing. After all, a broken or malfunctioning ad will not win any points with consumers.