4 small agencies that scored big clients

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Mekanism and Method Home

The agency and the brand had a ton in common. Their proximity to one another was a plus. They both liked to take a risk. And they certainly didn't like to follow some sort of pre-determined map on the way to success.

"Method redefined the consumer packaged goods industry, and we like to think that we are helping redefine the new agency model," says Jason Harris, Mekanism president and CEO. "Method is an innovative brand that likes to take risks, and there are few things that Mekanism respects more than that."

Indeed, the early 2012 agency of record win of Method energized the San Francisco shop of Mekanism, which approached the pitch drastically differently than it had done in the past. "The typical pitch is get a brief, go away, and come back with a massive dog and pony razzle-dazzle show," says Harris, who was up against three other agencies during the review. "We started this pitch as if we were already working together. We collaborated with the brand team every step of the way. We shared early strategic frameworks and rough creative concepts. By the time we got to the 'official' pitch, the ideas were as much theirs as ours. We won, and then we just kept working together."

Harris says, in his eyes, the "deal was sealed" during the pitch when Method executives began picking different concepts as their favorites. They were basically giving Mekanism a road map of the concepts with which they planned to move forward. And yes, once again, the little agency that could came out on top.

"We like being called the underdog because it connotes innovative and creative thinking," Harris says. "The size of an agency certainly does not correlate to the size and possibilities of those agencies ideas."