4 small agencies that scored big clients

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Rokkan and Sharp Electronics

The days of calling full-service digital agency Rokkan a "boutique agency" might be numbered. Acquired by Publicis Group in late December, Rokkan and its 70 New York-based employees are currently in a state of transition. Yet, its size might continue to play in its favor.

"I hate to call us a small agency, because by definition we are, but I think sometimes people get the wrong idea of what that means," says Harley Block, Rokkan's executive director of brand development and marketing. "I like to say that our size has been an advantage thus far. If you look around the industry, larger agencies are starting to re-operationalize themselves to be more reflective of smaller shops. There are lots of things you lose when you become too big. I definitely feel we are in a sweet spot in our lifecycle."

Indeed, Rokkan's nimble nature seemed to be a determining factor when awarded the title of social agency of record for Sharp Electronics in November. "It was about making sure the fit was there," Block says of the pitch that began in summer 2012. "Were they willing to work in partnership with us? We didn't want a client who was just looking for an agency to manage their Facebook and Twitter profile. We felt that they were looking for a strategic partner vs. a production shop, and those types of opportunities are not only where we flourish, but where we can create the most value for our clients."