7 more bad habits that are ruining your career

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The need for total victory over internal "foes"

There are times when you must deliver an impassioned argument for something to which others in an organization are diametrically opposed. Sometimes you will win. You can do an end-zone dance, or you can begin the process of repairing relationships with your former opponents. We're all people, and even the most professional disagreements spur ill feelings.

Even if you were professional and your opponents at times weren't, use your victory as an opportunity to be more professional. More focused on outcomes versus process. More of an example of how to fight for an idea without getting dirty.

It chaps my ass when people talk about "The Art of War" in a business context. War is war. Business is business. It is an insult to people who served in wars to equate what they did with the "battle" for shelf space in the fabric softener section.

You're not a Fabric Softener Seal. Or a Barbecue Sauce Ranger. You're a leader who persuaded others to your point of view. Now it's time to persuade those who disagreed with you that it is time to work together for the future of your business.