Bob Garfield

How to sell change to your stubborn boss

Does your boss lack a creative vision? Are you the true visionary at your company? Here's how to open minds to new ideas without losing your job.

How many times has this happened in your career: You have a great idea and all of your colleagues love it. Then, you take it to your boss and he shoots you down.

Is it because he knows best? Not really.

A lot of executives are resistant to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Has your company become a stagnant place where fresh ideas are discouraged? Nobody knows how to overcome this problem better than former Office Max, Sears, and Target CMO, Bob Thacker. Here's what he says you should do to shake up your company's mode of operation and bring your boss into the 21st century.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Selling change to the C-suite
0:30 — How to handle internal pitches
1:00 — It's like Congress
1:15 — Cozying up to start-ups
1:50 — Manage a healthy disruption
2:15 — Create a place to make mistakes
Run time is 2:28

Bob Thacker is executive director of Adopt-A-Classroom, a non-profit organization focused on raising monies to provide much needed supplies for our nation's classrooms. Prior to joining Adopt-A-Classroom, Bob was senior vice president of marketing at OfficeMax. Joining OfficeMax in late 2005, he brought a strong background in marketing and brand development. In his leadership role, Bob led the company's brand positioning and all customer marketing interactions.