The 7 most annoying people on Twitter

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Tweets are fleeting. By design, Twitter is a constant stream of expiring thoughts. Any experienced Twitter user will tell you that they see tweets come and go all the time without ever engaging a user. It all sounds a little sad. But don't cry for that lonesome, forgotten tweet. Instead, celebrate the glorious brand-new tweet that's about to take its place!

That said, no matter how fleeting a given tweet is, your Twitter presence can have some long-terms effects on your career. As a marketing professional, you're under immense pressure to have a personal (i.e., professional-personal) presence on Twitter. It's a way to build yourself as your own brand and show off your social media chops to perspective clients and employers. And in 2013, you'd think most marketers would have tweeting down to a science.

The 7 most annoying people on Twitter

But they don't. And it's kind of embarrassing. Even moreso, it can be professionally damaging.

Most people on Twitter eventually understand the basic rules of Twitter etiquette. Put simply, Twitter etiquette boils down to this: Post a variety of tweets written with your followers in mind.

That said, some marketers -- even those who represent socially savvy brands -- never take the time to examine their own Twitter practices. They're still tweeting like it's 2006 (when no one knew what was going on), and quite frankly, they're ruining Twitter as a platform -- not to mention their own reputations.

Here are seven of the most annoying kinds of Twitter users. If you're one of them, please -- please -- stop it.