Rebrandings that failed miserably

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You would have thought we would have learned our lesson from that damn New Coke fiasco.

Yet, failed attempts at rebranding continue. One of the boldest experiments in marketing, rebranding has never been a scarier proposition as it is today. Hence, the hashtag #epicfail. Years of reputations and relationships can now come to a crashing halt within seconds of a rebranding mistake via the often unforgiving world of social media.

Rebrandings that failed miserably

iMedia Connection decided to take a look at a handful of the worst rebrandings of the past few years -- not to make a mockery of them, but to see what all marketers can learn from other brands' biggest mistakes.



Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards April 1, 2013 at 6:19 PM

I remember cringing at the very first television spot I saw announcing Overstock's tranisition to I couldn't believe--or even understand the strategy--behind making such a drastic change. Thank goodness they dropped that like a hot potato.

Joy Joseph
Joy Joseph April 1, 2013 at 3:36 PM

Very interesting read...while I had thought about some of these individually, it was a bit more enlightening to see them in conjunction with one another...a common theme (arguably) seems to be that all of these re-brandings in some shape or form resulted in a more generic brand identity -with the exception of Dr Pepper, which seems to have been an overall ill-thought niche strategy. Now not all rebrandings are bad though- case in point was the Federal Express re-branding (rolls right off your tongue doesn't it?)