The 5 most common big data screw-ups

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Data keeps piling up. What is a marketer to do? With 2 million Google searches per minute and 35,000 Facebook "likes" for brands per minute, there are mounds of data being created each day. The challenge is how to dig through it all and actually use it to sell your products.

The 5 most common big data screw-ups

That's really the objective -- selling your products. That's where marketers come in -- or should I say, that's where they should come in. But lately, too many marketers are getting caught up in the obsession with big data, and they're failing to leverage the trend in a way that truly benefits their brands. 

There are many ways that marketers are screwing up when it comes to big data. Some marketers are not leveraging big data at all. That's a mistake in itself. But many others are using it in ineffective, illogical, or incomplete ways. It's those inefficiencies and misuses that we'll examine in this article.