Top 5 hottest social media tools

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Behind every successful social media marketer is an arsenal of robust marketing tools that help to ideate, implement, and track the success of a social media campaign. A great social tool can save a community manager countless hours of manual data aggregation and analysis. It can also uncover invaluable insights and trends within a brand's community.

Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- for us, "sophisticated" and "innovative" social media tools are a dime a dozen, and keeping up with the latest offerings and solutions can be an overwhelming and frustrating process.

Top 5 hottest social media tools

Which social tools are the most intuitive to use? Which are most practical for your brand? What platforms will provide your company with the most pertinent and actionable insights? While the perfect solution will vary from brand to brand based on its unique goals, objectives, and budget, here are the five hottest social media marketing tools that can add value to your current social media efforts, based on my experience "demo-ing" dozens of tools over the years while seeking answers to those very questions.



Amit Khemchandani
Amit Khemchandani May 9, 2013 at 1:22 PM

It's a very useful insightful assessment of the tools and what they specialize in. I would also like you to check out BoxMyTalk which is a social mailbox for brands with the ability to filter, analyze on sentiment and organize (auto-tagging) all social mentions into relevant business categories like query, review, compalint, product, delivery, news, competition, promotion etc. It's a product that we have launched recently and is in private beta. Let me know what you think about it.