6 assets to focus on instead of your resume

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Unfortunately, the job market is still pretty tough, and there are an incredible number of quality folks who are looking for that next opportunity. And, both people with and without jobs are fighting for a few key positions in every town. Even through the downturn, our industry remained hot and now continues to increase in competitiveness as the economy bounces back. It takes more and more to set yourself apart from the pack.

Some people are looking for growth opportunities, and some are looking for that next stepping stone, while others are making career changes, and some wish to settle in at a good company for the long haul. On the other side, most employers just want good people who will fill a current need; hopefully they are also looking past the current position and creating opportunities for their good people beyond the immediate roles.

6 assets to focus on instead of your resume

For those who do look beyond, both employee and employer, they have to get past the resume and see passion, resourcefulness, and creativity. Some of that can be exposed in an interview, but before you get to sit across the desk to try to make a hot digital agency your future employer, you have some other tools that can give you an edge. Put some of these assets to work for you to give yourself a better chance to impress some of the best places to work.