The 8 worst things to say at an agency

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Words are powerful things. Even subtle nuances in the words we choose can convey vastly different messages -- even unintended ones.

As an agency marketer, you're also a communicator. So if you're sloppy about the language you use, you're being sloppy about your job in general.

The 8 worst things to say at an agency

In a past article, I discussed the worst possible things you can say when pitching a new idea. In this article, we'll take a look at another batch of statements that agency marketers need to eliminate from their professional repertoires when speaking to their superiors, employees, and clients.



Carl Hartman
Carl Hartman April 18, 2013 at 3:05 PM

How about "It doesn't matter."? Primarily because the failing advertising agency model will not matter. Ad agencies will not matter in the near future, its a failed model. Let's hope they die a quick death so the world can move on. If all the items you list above are part of the ad agency culture than the industry deserves to die. What horrible business. Its not even customer focused. The industry is only interested in fees for service, not serving the customer. What a shame.