Bob Garfield

The biggest reason advertising is failing

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Digital marketing is in serious trouble, and many brands don't know why. Here are the most colossal reasons consumers are becoming desensitized to advertising.

Today's marketing model is broken, but why? No other movie explores the reasons better than "The Naked Brand," produced by the ad agency Questus. The film's executive director Joseph Dumont speaks with iMedia about these themes and why advertising is loosing its effectiveness on the consumer.

Brands don't realize that digital has made them transparent

It's OK for brands to make mistakes. However, when they start lying about them and misleading the public, anything that a brand says is thrown into question, including in advertising. Here's why your company's "dead bodies" are going be known whether you want them to or not.

Consumers now define your image, not ads

Brands can't shout from the mountaintop anymore about who they are. Here's why consumers now define your public perception and why you should embrace this shift.



Tom McCauley
Tom McCauley April 23, 2013 at 3:32 PM

"Failing" and "broken" are probably not the right words to describe digital marketing. Marketing models have always been broken, when you think about it. Of all the models in history, digital is the LEAST broken. It gives people more power than ever to shape a brand, makes companies more accountable, facilitates responsive customer service and provides a chance to establish credibility through authenticity. I think you make good points but have framed them inaccurately, since the evidence you give attests to the success of today's model.