A brand marketer's guide to speaking with the press

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All too often, people with no experience or expertise in speaking with the press find themselves eyeball to eyeball with a business reporter who wants something from them. To hear reporters we work with at trade outlets and major business publications tell it, this happens pretty much every day, in fact.

That's pretty amazing, if you think about it. On the one hand, the opportunity to work as smartly as possible with reporters is a vital one, not just for the possibility of a solid article placement or thoughtful quotation but also for what can be learned from the interaction. After all, who knows more about a given business segment than someone whose sole job it is to cover it intelligently every day?

A brand marketer's guide to speaking with the press

It's not just brand marketers who experience this phenomenon. The fact is that agency professionals and executives working for technology companies or "solution providers" also find themselves in this situation far more often than they should. So understand that the tips in this piece might be useful to everyone who has to speak with the press. There's just a whole lot more at stake for brand marketers. This is in no way intended to supplant or in any way displace a full-on media training. We have far too much respect for the many people who do that at the highest levels, and we work with some of the best. Think of this as a cheat sheet -- something to crib from in the car on your way to the interview.



Lana McGilvray
Lana McGilvray April 30, 2013 at 12:23 AM

Great points. Great people. Kudos.