The 5 hottest job opportunities in digital marketing

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Well, spring has sprung for much of the country. The giant metaphorical puzzle known as "Mad Men" is back on TV, I'm putting off watching the last two episodes of "House of Cards" because I don't want it to end, and we've got the first quarter sales results under our belt. How did you or your company do?

On the job front, Monster says that 2013 should be bright for marketing jobs. By all accounts, we should be well done with the "what's coming in 2013" articles. But I say it's time to throw tradition a curve ball by discussing the hot job front. Am I early? Late? Make no mistake -- the time for these roles on the front of digital marketing is now.

The 5 hottest job opportunities in digital marketing

These are five hot and emerging roles you'll want to learn more about, whether you're a recent graduate tracking down that first job, a young professional anxious to prove your mettle, or a seasoned industry veteran determined to remain relevant.