6 mobile ads that people loved

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It is no secret that HTML5 enables developers to build stunning animations and dazzling rich-media experiences. In addition to attracting more viewers, a well-designed interactive ad or landing page can boost conversions. As a result, more and more advertising budgets are moving from mobile banner ads to rich media.

6 mobile ads that people loved

A study from the web browser company Opera Software further shows the increase in popularity of rich media ads. According to the study, from January to June 2012, HTML5 mobile rich-media ad executions increased from 28 percent to 51 percent, while the number of standard and expandable banner executions diminished.

In the examples in this article, you can see how HTML5 creates a compelling user experience. These rich-media-enhanced mobile ads, landing pages, and websites can entertain viewers for direct response campaigns as well as increase brand loyalty.



laura sweet
laura sweet May 6, 2013 at 7:57 PM

I am curious, what statistics or methodology was used to prove that these six examples shown here were 'loved'?

I Just see six examples of media rich executions without any substantiation. How much did their traffic, brand loyalty and/or revenue increase as a result of these? And how was it measured?