Bob Garfield

How to explain your job to a 10-year-old

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Digital marketing is full of mind-blowingly complex job titles. We asked several industry professionals to explain theirs to a small child. Could you have done better?

Vice president

"Being a VP, it's not like being the VP of the United States."

Company: ThinkStreet

Marketing communications manager

"I am a marketing communications manager...which means nothing."

Company: Southeast Toyota Distributors



Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller May 16, 2013 at 5:22 PM

Wow- not a single one of these people even the ones who have kids can actually explain what they do in a way that a 10 year old can understand. Do they all all 10 year old kids know what a brand is without giving an example, understand what an ad is or is intended to do and understand all of the digital buzzwords. Was laughing out loud at all of these.