10 hilarious digital media parodies

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10 hilarious digital media parodies

Let's acknowledge right away that bad satire can be very, very bad. And the internet is chock full of spoofs and parodies, from the bad to the downright bizarre. Before the internet, we had The Onion. We had Weekly World News. Today, every YouTube user, blogger, and tweeter wants to spoof something. But when you wade through the junk, you'll see that a great satirical piece is both entertaining and constructive. Satire makes us laugh, learn, and question.

Funny enough, one of the most popular things to mock on the internet and social media happens to be the internet and social media. Those of us in the digital marketing industry know better than anyone what it's like to be constantly submerged in digital media and technology. We get the jokes, and they are often healthy reminders not to take ourselves too seriously, or to rethink standard practices.

Satirical TV favorites "Saturday Night Live," "The Colbert Report," and "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" have all dabbled in poking fun at social media, technology, and marketing. And now the internet is catching on as well, with countless online native publications like The New Yorker's Borowitz Report and The Daily Currant. There is even a humorous blog called Literally Unbelievable that posts reactions from social media users who believe satirical articles are real.

Here are the best and brightest of the parodies, spoofs, jabs, jests, mockeries, and satires that took on digital and social media.



Leah Kinthaert
Leah Kinthaert May 7, 2013 at 5:45 PM

this was very entertaining THANKS!! Fave is the Catvertising, of course!

Peter Johnston
Peter Johnston May 7, 2013 at 11:58 AM

Just to pick on the title, Chloe, your sub-editor's lack of knowledge is showing - confusing social networking with digital media.

Digital, in this context, is a derogatory word coined by the companies and media being disrupted by new online technology to pigeonhole it, diminish it and make it seem like just one strand of marketing, when in reality it was taking over.

It is out of date (very '90s) - having been replaced by online (everything is now digital, even print, so it no longer differentiates).

The term "Social Media" is an early confusion of what was happening in online social networking. Traditional marketers thought it was another method for organisations to talk to people (media) when actually it was for people to talk to eachother, leaving organisations out of the loop entirely. The pathetic efforts of organisations and individuals who didn't understand what they were doing is the source of most of the humour here - and richly deserved lampooning.

Media is an intermediary inserted between two people who wish to communicate. Widespread availability of knowledge means people can now multi-source information and thus the power of any single medium is diminished. Just as words are no longer disseminated by writing them on stone tablets, most of the once powerful intermediaries are no longer of great importance in moulding buyer perceptions and driving buying decisions.

Digital media can often be used to mean online advertising. That isn't what you meant here.