The metrics that will make your CMO love you

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Marketers everywhere continuously grapple with demonstrating the impact of their work and driving business results. You can create value by providing meaningful data to improve marketing performance, all the while earning trust, respect, and attention from your CMO -- and accelerating your career.

Pressure for marketing executives to show the business return on their initiatives is at an all-time high. Meanwhile, the complexity of how customers make decisions and engage with brands across paid, owned, and earned media channels has increased exponentially in recent years.

The metrics that will make your CMO love you

The intersection of these two competing challenges puts CMOs and their teams in a unique position. It's one that can undermine their efforts if CMOs do not properly demonstrate their value; conversely, it's a position of great power if leveraged correctly. This power is not solely regulated to the marketing executive. Rather, CMOs are looking to their teams for measurement support. And that's where your opportunity lies!

Your ability to decipher metrics and realign marketing plans will position you as a valued strategist and leader within the organization. Before you begin to compile a new-era dashboard, consider these metrics that make executives take notice.