12 habits of successful social media managers

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There are a lot of social media managers out there. And if you post a job listing for one, you're likely to get a flood of candidates with vastly different backgrounds and levels of expertise. Why? Because anyone can call themselves an "experienced social media manager" these days and have some level of justification. That experience might only be their Facebook or Twitter account. But hey -- that's experience, right? And in some cases, that might actually be an impressive accomplishment if the person is truly doing something special with their personal brand.

12 habits of successful social media managers

The point? It's hard to evaluate candidates for social media positions. Such positions haven't been around all that long. And even if someone has held a social media position with a brand you respect, how do you know that person was really driving the strategy and tactics that made that brand a success in the social sphere?

A lot of it comes down to interviewing. And yes, you will ask that person about their past experiences. But you need to go deeper to explore who that individual is and what habits drive them in their daily lives. There are general characteristics to look for when identifying a successful social media manager. If you're looking to hire one, consider this article a guide to spotting desirable candidates. And if you're a social media manager yourself (or aspire to be one), you might want to see how many of these habits and characteristics you currently boast -- and how many you can incorporate into your daily life.