5 marketing trends defining 2013 (so far)

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It's been an exciting six months in the digital marketing industry. But seriously, has there ever been a boring six months? You might hear the random industry grump note that marketing hasn't seen a useful new development since the dawn of Twitter...or Facebook ads...or Pinterest...or whatever somewhat-recent-but-now-mundane development that person feels like arguing. But frankly, if anyone ever claims digital marketing is stagnating, that person is probably not paying attention.

5 marketing trends defining 2013 (so far)

In an industry characterized by constant movement and the next big thing, it's easy to fall behind. That's why waiting to read the year-end wrap-ups and prediction articles isn't enough to stay ahead of the curve. Hell, reading these pieces every six months (i.e., this article...ahem) probably isn't sufficient either. But we have to start somewhere, right?

With that in mind, let's review the six biggest trends that have shaped our industry thus far in 2013 and evaluate where we, as marketers, need to be headed.



Jay DeDapper
Jay DeDapper July 1, 2013 at 5:27 PM

Nothing about mobile? Mobile may be THE defining trend in marketing because we are seeing an entirely new consumer behavior centered around content creation on mobile devices. Any marketer missing this shift will miss out on the next big way to connect with consumers.