5 often-forgotten LinkedIn best practices

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Seeing as how LinkedIn now has more than 200 million members, it appears fewer people are saying, "I don't need another social network." Instead, they're joining the career-minded ranks on the still-growing platform.

5 often-forgotten LinkedIn best practices

But it's easy to be myopic about the job search site, especially when you're out of work and scrambling for a new gig. However, the most successful people on LinkedIn are ones who have a different tact. They are not trying to find a job; they are trying to build their personal brands and advance their careers. And that distinction is what separates the strong from the weak on this growing and hyper-networked platform.

Think of LinkedIn as a dynamic resume. It's a place where your interests, personality, and capabilities can all come to life in a vibrant system of links, logos, videos, images, and more. Let's face it: A resume can only take you so far in 2013. Summing up a career through active verbs methodically aligned on ivory-colored cotton paper truly underutilizes the tools at hand. Resumes remain distant and sterile, and they are fast becoming a relic of the pre-internet society.

So, how do you make the most of LinkedIn and build your personal brand in the process? Here are five ways to help you fit in and stand out.



Sione Palu
Sione Palu July 4, 2013 at 10:10 AM

LinkedIn is a fad. Its for people who want to put their detail and where they work so that Nigerian scammers can use those names in various scams. Basically those who are on LinkedIn just posted their personal details there just to say to internet surfers and users, "hey you there, please check out my online CV". I'm cool ain't I? Our company does its hiring by not looking on what people put on LinkedIn, but old traditional thorough checking of applicants CV. Anyone or agency which relies on LinkedIn for hiring is simply lazy. The 2 recruitment agencies that we use to do hiring & pre-screening of potential candidates have been instructed never to use LinkedIn or even look at it to check applicants. That's how it should be.

Nick Stamoulis
Nick Stamoulis July 3, 2013 at 1:25 PM

I love LinkedIn for networking and connecting. It's a great place to meet people whom you would never cross paths with in real life, which is a huge boon to job seekers. Get active, get involved and start talking to people!