The 4 marketing superpowers of Google+

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So you have a Facebook page, you've embraced the Twittersphere, and you've even hopped on the LinkedIn bandwagon. But is your brand on Google+ yet? Unlike many social networks that operate from a single site, Google+ is designed to integrate and enhance all of your Google experiences -- from search and display to Maps and YouTube. Today there are more than 500 million global users on Google+, including 75 percent of the top 100 brands.

The 4 marketing superpowers of Google+

Every day, Google Search answers more than 1 billion questions from people (i.e., potential customers) around the globe. Whenever one of these consumers conducts a search on Google for something relevant to your brand, you now have the opportunity to increase your company's visibility by adding in a social layer. By up keeping a Google+ page, your content posts, company information, and multimedia assets will appear in the Google sidebar, helping you boost engagement and increase organic reach and search rankings.

Want proof? Global retailer H&M experienced a 22 percent increase in click-through rates from its Google+ presence alone.

Still not yet convinced? Here are the top four reasons why marketing your brand on Google+ is a must.