Brands that dominate with user-generated content

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The age of looking strictly to advertising agencies to ideate and create campaigns is over. Now, branding messages are becoming a creation of the consumers that use them: Eighty percent of online content in 2013 is user-generated. And with that number projected to only increase as more and more people get familiar with creating videos and sharing content, brands that look to creative consumers to shape their campaigns will come out far ahead of their competition.

Brands that dominate with user-generated content

In a recent survey, 64 percent of people were "highly likely" to purchase something that included their input. Combined with the 92 percent of people surveyed who said they rely on people they know when making purchasing decisions, it's easy to see that we are now in the age of the consumer. Over the last five years, there has been a 35 percent increase in user-generated content, and 70 percent of people stated that they feel most loyal to brands that listen to them.

We can now safely assume that the brands that listen to and interact with their consumers (or brand advocates) will be the ones seeing the most growth. And since brand advocates are likely to spend twice as much as regular consumers, a company would be foolish to not tap into them for the content used to market or create products.

Here are five collaborative campaigns that perfectly utilized user-generated content and brand advocates to achieve brand goals and ultimately generate sales.